Penny Haslam, Motivational Speaker

It makes sense to ‘get out there’ and get attention for what you do, when you want to raise the profile of your business, brand or career, doesn’t it? But what holds us back is a lack of skills, strategy and confidence. That’s where I come in, with keynotes, talks, coaching and training, to help you Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous®.

On stages, I am an award winning motivational speaker, as well as an event host and moderator. For individuals and organisations, I help raise profile, with my range of coaching and training programmes.

As a former BBC business journalist and presenter I pride myself on being professional, on point, insightful and super nice to work with, so it’s been said. Please take a look around and if you have any questions or want to know more, then just get in touch.

Penny was just brilliant. A great speaker. Book her again!

Audience feedback, Future Leaders’ Summit, National Housing Federation

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Make Yourself A Little Bit Famous

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In today’s noisy marketplace, it’s crucial you find ways to get noticed. But do you shy away from the spotlight for fear of feeling like an idiot or looking like a show-off? Do you see others out there, attracting the kind of attention you wish you could get? If so, you need to Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous! Jam-packed with stories, advice, case studies and encouragement, Penny shares pro-tips on: Getting on TV and radio and acing your appearances. Bossing it as a speaker and when you present to people. Shining when you take part in or chair a panel discussion. If you want to be a best-kept secret, then step away from this book. But if you recognise the value of raising your profile for your business or career, then step up – because now is the right time for you to make yourself a little bit famous.

“Quite simply the best advice to help attract attention for your business or career.”

Steph McGovern, Broadcaster, BBC TV


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