10 reasons why I’m a great choice to speak at your next event

I’m a tried and trusted professional, who’s delivered hundreds of keynotes and talks to a huge range of audiences. I’ve been described as ‘funny, engaging and energising’.

As a marketing and brand profile speaker, my keynotes and interactive talks are relevant to audiences in any sector, and to individuals at any level, because I deal with the stuff that makes us all tick. I’m an obvious choice for your event. Here’s why:

  • Audiences say I’m a ‘highlight’

    I’ve been told I’m relatable, likeable and a breath of fresh air who drives home simple, actionable messages. Audiences consistently rate me as an ‘excellent’ speaker, in their feedback for events, and I’m regularly referred to as the ‘highlight’ of the event, with scores of 97% satisfaction across the board.

  • I’ll help promote your event

    With a TV background, I’m a natural on video and more than happy to create bespoke video content to help sell your event or raise awareness of it for colleagues. I’ll jump on social media, if that’s appropriate, before, during and after your event. If there’s something you need that will help you – then I’m always happy to do what I can.

  • I’m funny

    I’ve been told many times that I’m very funny, so I can confidently tell you that I will have your audience laughing. Whether it’s a well-crafted story, off the cuff remark, an interaction with an audience member, or simply a raised eyebrow, audiences are laughing. I used to do stand-up comedy in my spare time and have won competitions for my humour.

    My keynotes are a combination of illuminating stories from my career and personal life, with an emphasis on fun and self-deprecating humour. As one audience member put it:

    “She’s a female Michael McIntyre who speaks to businesses”.

  • Inspiring content

    I inspire audiences to take action so they can do more and be more in the world. How? By challenging them about what they believe about themselves, showing them it can be different and being hugely relatable – not some distant celebrity type who can’t connect. I share concepts that are simple to adopt and use phrases that are easy to remember. Your audience will go away with easy to use, instantly actionable, take-homes.

  • Tailor made

    You want a speaker who delivers rich and relevant content that is of actual use to your audience, on that day. Not an off-the-shelf set of ideas or an auto-pilot performance, that serves no-one but the speaker. I work hard to get under the skin of your organisation or sector issues. As a former journalist, I wants to know what’s going on – so I interview relevant people and research the latest trends and themes, finding case study examples that your audience can relate to.

    I’ve got an ability to hit the nail on the head and say it like it is, whether it’s in a keynote or interactive talk.

  • Zero celebrity attitude

    I’ve got an impressive BBC pedigree, but absolutely no ‘celebrity attitude’. I’m down to earth, polite and efficient. And I turn up early to hang out with the audience, to get to know them. And if you need it, I’ll attend receptions and dinners with the top team or sponsors and clients. Why? Because I’m no ‘show and go’ celebrity, I put you first.

  • A breeze to work with

    I know you are busy as hell and the last thing you need is a speaker who’s a pain in the proverbial. So, I’ll attempt to make your life easy with really clear communication, once you’ve booked me to speak at your event. You’ll have my direct line to call anytime, no agent to go through. And I’ll be there for meetings and, should you want it, rehearsals too.

  • Event host and moderator

    It’s been said on more than one occasion, I’m happy to report, that I’m one of the best Event Hosts and Moderators in the UK. I’m a seasoned professional who lifts events with charisma and business knowledge, while being a trusted safe pair of hands for event organisers.

    Many of my clients recognise the value of having me be the thread through the day, as well as incorporating my motivational keynote into the order of events.

  • Post event

    I won’t just love you and leave you. I’m more than happy to talk through your event, handle enquiries from your audience promptly and politely and recommend top quality speakers for your next event.

  • I’m a female speaker

    It can be challenging sometimes to find a really good female speaker, for many reasons. We do exist, I promise you! Booking a woman as your motivational keynote speaker, or to deliver a talk at your event helps diversify your line up. A no-brainer when you want to reflect your audience members. If my content isn’t right for your event on this occasion, then I can recommend a raft of other top females who speak on a range of subjects, to fit what you’re looking for.

    I’m always happy to take part in panel discussions too, which can help you get away from the prevalence of ‘manels’ (all male panels!).