Are you all singing from the same hymn sheet?

Geeky woman singing from a hymn sheet
This week I worked with a team at an organisation that gets asked to talk at industry conferences a lot. But they were turning down opportunities (a crime against fame) because they were sticking strictly to their subject area specialisms. If the ‘right person’ was on holiday or busy, their colleague didn’t feel able to step in.
But most of the talks didn’t require deep knowledge. They were generally only 20-30 minutes in duration, the same broader topics came up time and time again, with the same sort of key messaging, solutions and types of case study stories needed.

The majority of their talks could be delivered by all of them.

So, in the session we developed ‘chunks’ of content for their talks that would pretty much stay the same, with ‘plug in, plug out’ sections that could be tailored to suit the audience.
This way of working is great for all types of businesses and organisations that have chance to ‘get out there’ and deliver talks. Doing it this way also helps create a cohesive and uniform message for the whole team. Plus, for the time poor (that’s all of us right!?) it vastly reduces prep time and prevents blurry structures that your audience will struggle to follow.

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