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Fame, for fame’s sake? Not us!

Occasionally, when I’m speaking, there will be someone in an audience, or a delegate on one of my courses, who will scoff at my phrase ‘Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous’. I know, who would do such a thing?

Say it, if self-belief eludes you

Once a month I travel to York, to work with my client, JRF, helping build its profile and get out there more. So, for a couple of hours on the motorway I get to tune in to the radio and you can’t go wrong with Radio 4’s Desert...

Speaking up in meetings

Making yourself a little bit famous isn’t just about speaking on big stages or leaping around in front of the cameras on TV and radio. It’s about being seen in the workplace too. One of the best ways to get visibility for your personal brand profile...


How to get noticed by the broadcast media

Being interviewed on TV or radio is good for you: it helps build your brand profile, drives business to you, and provides big career kudos. The minute you are seen or heard on air, you are deemed more expert than you were...

Use my FACE to plan your content

You might have seen me speak at an event recently, or been at one of my interactive sessions to Make Yourself A Little Bit Famous®, like the one featured in the photo. I show my FACE model in action, which is a...

Have a go, you might like it!

Major Cobb was my husband’s school army cadet commanding officer, whose pep talks have stood him in good stead throughout his life. At the start of my husband’s army cadetting, when he was 14...

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