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The cat’s out of the bag!

It’s like a train that can’t be stopped. Or a bus. Am I Sandra Bullock in the movie Speed?So, I showed you the book jacket for my book Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous and now, this week it’s on Amazon, well ahead...

What’s wrong with me?

Nothing. Nothing at all. And I was reminded of this by reading this article by Lisa O’Neill, an Australian motivational speaker.  Her article points to the fact that we tend to focus on what’s wrong with us, rather than highlighting...

Being brilliant on air

Getting on TV and radio as an expert contributor is something I tackle regularly in my blog, but today we’re going to consider what you might do once you’re actually on air…specifically, how to do a brilliant performance, so you get asked back.

Boost confidence by being better at feedback

Feedback is a funny old thing isn’t it? So funny I rolled around on the floor laughing many times when I worked at the BBC, having been given ‘feedback’. Actually I didn’t, although sometimes I cried, but not from...

This year’s essential jacket

Do you want to be one of the first people to see my new jacket? Yesss, of course you do! I got it this week and it's far better than any clothing item I've ever had. What do you think? It’s the most thrilling bit of the whole process so far...

Get ready for fame (not the 80s TV show)

What two things do a veterinary surgeon, a geography teacher and a part-time waiter have in common? No, it’s not that they all work with animals… It’s that they’re all Great British Bake Off contestants...

The Ballad of Billy Balls

Got a long car journey coming up? Can’t be arsed to read actual words on a page on the beach? Want a super holiday listen that’s bugger all to do with business? Well, I bring you The Ballad of Billy Balls podcast.

Can you imagine winning the lottery?

You can? Well done, you are human - you have an imagination. Our minds work on images without us really trying and we are always visualising stuff, bad and good: we imagine the worst, we imagine winning the lottery.

I’m off to the Edinburgh Fringe!

I'm heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the end of August. I've only ever been once before, 15 years ago, so I'm excited to enjoy wall-to-wall stand up comedy for three days. My friend and fellow pro-speaker...

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