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How to get noticed by the broadcast media

2019-06-16T19:28:08+01:00April 25th, 2019|

Being interviewed on TV or radio is good for you: it helps build your brand profile, drives business to you, and provides big career kudos. The minute you are seen or heard on air, you are deemed more expert than you were...

Have a go, you might like it!

2019-06-16T18:25:33+01:00February 17th, 2019|

Major Cobb was my husband’s school army cadet commanding officer, whose pep talks have stood him in good stead throughout his life. At the start of my husband’s army cadetting, when he was 14...

What do you want?

2019-06-14T19:10:35+01:00January 14th, 2019|

"What do you want?" is a big, short question. When I worked for the BBC as an employee on Radio 4, I never stopped to ask it of myself and as a result I felt stuck and directionless. When I took voluntary redundancy...

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