I’m off to the Edinburgh Fringe!

2019-09-19T11:47:03+00:00August 2nd, 2019|

I'm heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the end of August. I've only ever been once before, 15 years ago, so I'm excited to enjoy wall-to-wall stand up comedy for three days. My friend and fellow pro-speaker...

A spoonful of my own medicine

2019-09-19T13:35:06+00:00June 17th, 2019|

It’s all very well me going on about ‘getting out there’ and telling you how to be brilliant if you’re on a panel, or speaking or if you get asked to go on TV and radio. But I’ve got to get my head around raising my own profile...

Using humour when speaking

2019-09-23T19:34:19+00:00November 22nd, 2018|

I had a lovely ‘thanks for a job well done’ email from a client this week after I had been the MC at their annual leadership event…“You made a positive lasting impression. Your energy...

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