The Power of Visibility

Traditional channels of marketing and communication, although still valid, can only go so far when it comes to fully reaching and engaging the audiences you want to inform, influence and inspire. It’s difficult for customers and stakeholders to get to know, like and trust a face-less brand.

And limiting the responsibility for brand or business representation to just one person, the CEO or MD for example, means taking a risk with their ability to communicate well, and their time available to ‘get out there’ in the first place.

But forward thinking organisations recognise that this can be achieved by enabling a range of people in your organisation to act as ‘brand ambassadors’. With enthusiasm and ability, you can cut through the noise of the ‘marketplace’ and leverage the many low-or-no-cost, time efficient opportunities for exposure. This approach means your organisation can be seen as a thought leader and place of expertise, to be trusted.

Visibility Programme

We create a bespoke programme of training and/or coaching to develop the quality and impact of your people’s communication skills.

Media Training

Increase visibility by appearing on TV, radio or in print as a regular ‘go-to’ expert commentator. This training also stands you in good stead when you are asked to speak on camera at events or for a website in a formalised way.

Creating credible, confident and on-message expert commentators, who know how to speak so that audiences listen. Aiming for top-level performance standards. Dealing with difficult questions, learning how to shine in a variety of broadcast scenarios. I’m always happy to share relevant contact suggestions for the programmes on which you could appear.

Panel Training

Taking part in panel discussions, or moderating the conversation at networking or special interest events means that people really get to know you and understand how you can help them. Personal appearances by people representing your brand can help develop trust.

Learn how to stand out with interesting real world examples and an engaging style of performance as a panellist. And develop scripting and structuring skills as a capable and in control panel moderator. Dealing with audience Q&A, managing time and energy.

Speaker Coaching – Keynotes and Talks

Build confidence and create compelling content you can be proud to share. Either working in small groups or with individuals, delegates learn how to structure their talks, embed key messages and articulate relatable story examples. A strong emphasis is placed on encouraging personality in performance.

Working towards professional standard performance skills. For keynotes and talks in front of any size audience, including best approaches for building rapport with the audience. Dealing with audience Q&A.

Smartphone Video Training

Why wait for THE media to call you, when you can create YOUR own media – cheaply and easily? Capitalising on the rise in popularity of user-generated video, that is both time efficient and cost effective to make, enables you to spread the word about your brand and showcase the people who are passionate about it. I teach you how to film and create quick, easy and engaging smartphone video content, that makes you look and sound great, for use on social media and on your website.

I ensure your brand ambassadors are on-point, confident, concise and compelling. They might be the leaders at the top of your organisation, or a range of individuals from different levels. They might also be emerging leaders for whom visibility and public communication is a key element of their future success. The goal is to support your representatives in driving genuine interest for what you do, get better ‘reach’ for your messages and enhance the quality of your interactions.

  • Influence, inform and inspire the people who matter to you: your customers, clients, colleagues, external partners, investors and the sector in which you operate.

  • As a by-product of getting out there, you get wider recognition and engagement for your brand or organisation.

  • Be seen as an accessible, trusted expert.

  • Get ‘buy in’ for what you do.

  • Get known by more people! Because who wants to be a best kept secret?

“Penny’s approach works: combining performance skills training with smart strategy is key to maximising exposure for your company.”

Tabitha Brear, Silicon Valley Bank

The training that she delivered was fantastic. It was enjoyable and effective and is essential for any organisation regardless of size or industry.”

Brian Chapman, B Braun Sterilog Medical Ltd

“Penny has worked with JRF over the past year to train up our senior team and spokespeople so we can enjoy greater visibility. She’s trained and coached them for their keynotes, appearing on panels, using their smartphones to make videos and in how to get the most from TV and radio appearances.

The difference Penny has made is immeasurable. She’s always available for constructive feedback, and helpful with advice on forthcoming opportunities.

She’s helped us transition from using factual and academic language, to communicating as thought leaders. As a result of Penny’s work, our spokespeople are being asked to appear more regularly – because they are confident, credible and engaging experts! We cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Abigail Scott Paul, Joseph Rowntree Foundation


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