Coaching for Individuals

I work with individuals, as a Visibility Coach or Speaker Coach – to help you raise your profile and communicate more confidently.

My clients are usually business owners or leaders in organisations. They know that by raising their profile, they draw attention to their brand and message. They want to ‘get out there’ in order to engage their clients and colleagues, have greater influence and make useful connections for business development. They might not have big marketing or advertising budgets and know that authentic, human communication will best ‘sell’ what they do.

Typically, they get in touch with me at a point when they need to increase market reach, to grow or sell their business, when they want be a more visible thought leader or get lift off for the next stage of their career.

How it works: Visibility Coaching

Working together for a minimum of six months, I help you raise your profile, develop your performance and communication skills and bring ideas as to how you can ‘get out there’ more. Each monthly session lasts around 2.5-3 hours.

  • We set goals and a strategy for increasing your visibility, in line with what you want to achieve for your career, business or organisation.
  • We devise your programme around the skills you want to develop – speaking, taking part in panel discussions, going on TV and radio, or making your own video content.

  • I hold you accountable and remind you why you’re fabulous.

  • I give you ‘critical friend’ feedback on your performance, for example, on TV, radio, panels or speaking at an event.

  • I am available within business hours, between sessions, to help you prepare for ad hoc appearances.

How it works: Speaker Coaching

In a series of coaching sessions that last approximately three hours each, we work on a range of aspects of speaking. From getting started, structuring, performance, slides, introductions, event organisers…either working from scratch or helping you with existing content to help you go from good to great in your speaking.

  • Create content and a message you’re proud to deliver.

  • Structure and signpost clearly, so your audience understands you.

  • Perform confidently with pro-stagecraft techniques and tricks to control nerves and anxiety.

  • Develop ‘take homes’ for your audiences, ‘calls to action’, memorable models, super slides, powerful introductions, and handle event organisers and audience Q&A beautifully.

  • Be motivated to embrace speaking as a key tool for business development and individual career progression.

Thank you Penny! This morning I delivered my best talk ever. Your ‘forensic feedback’ is enormously valuable and having an immediate impact.

Tom Cheesewright, Futurist and Speaker

I made it a personal development goal this year to improve on my presentation style, so I sought help from Penny. I can’t rate her highly enough because I’ve just delivered a cracking presentation, for which the feedback has been amazing. By working on my style, slides and delivery Penny helped me conquer my self doubt and boost my confidence.

Abigail Scott Paul, Deputy Director of Advocacy and Public Engagement, JRF


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