Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous  – 27 Tips from my no longer forthcoming book… Tips #11, 12 & 13

Connecting on social media with Penny Haslam

If you’re already making yourself a little bit famous then you might want to ramp it up a bit next year, either to do it more strategically or to try different ways of powering up your profile.

But over the next few months things get hectic and our schedules are cranberry jam packed with stuff ‘we need to do before Christmas!’ (like it’s an Armageddon style deadline) so plotting and planning takes a back seat.

Instead, begin to build your profile in other ways – thus the next three tips to make your flame of fame burn more brightly, without too much effort:


Try #11 when you’ve been at an event as a speaker, panellist or panel chair, or if you’re looking for opportunities to get on air:

– On LinkedIn, connect with any audience members you met on the day or other speakers, or the producer of a TV or radio programme. Same with Twitter. Simple eh?


Tip #12 helps you create ‘evidence’ that you’re a good speaker or panel contributor, but it’s also a neat way of making contact with your er, contacts:

– Boldly ask for a recommendation from people who seemed to really like your talk or contribution to the discussion.

If you’re just starting out, use the LinkedIn recommendations tool to bolster your image of you as an expert. How have you helped people and can they describe the experience?


And Tip #13 is for all-players in the fame game, just go ahead and use this easy win:

– If you know the person you’re asking is busy, say that you’ve taken the liberty of writing a recommendation or testimonial that they can use or rewrite if they don’t have time to pen one for you. Personally, I’m delighted when someone does this.

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